Welcome to my blog! I will be writing facts and my opinion about the issue that is currently happening in the Middle East: The Palestine-Israel Conflict. My main goal is to prove that most of what you hear on the news is NOT true on this specific topic and many more. There will be some points that may make you feel sick to your stomach due to evil actions by Israeli soldiers. Innocent citizens of Palestine -especially Gaza- have had their houses bombed and families killed. None of these people have done anything wrong besides fight back, but they are punished and thought of as terrorists by the real terrorists. The Palestinians once brought the Israeli people into their land to care for them, then the Israelis attacked. One fact you may not know is that the U.S.A and a bunch of companies here have been sending money to Israel to help terrorize. There is currently a seize fire, but that does not stop them from taking the Palestinians’ land and beating  their children. I have family in this land. I visited them about three years ago and I got to see how the Israeli people live a lavish lifestyle with big building and fancy clothes. The Palestinians live in tiny “apartments” with about ten people in each home. They are held in Palestine by huge walls and are not allowed out. So, if you would like to find out more things from my point of view, keep a look out for new posts.



  1. I’ve lived in Israel, my Mom and Dad were both Israeli soldiers and I can tell you that my house has been nearly destroyed a couple of times in the past few years. My friend’s house got bombed in 2012 and his family was saved only because they were in their bomb shelter. Israel’s soldiers are doing everything in their power to protect our country and the bombings that occurred during the summer over at Palestine were due to Hamas hiding their weaponry and bombs in children’s hospitals, schools, and colleges. Palestinians are held in tiny houses and live in extreme poverty because of Hamas’s ruthless control over the people and nut because of Israel’s “cruelty”. Please cite your sources for these “facts” next time and make sure that your opinions aren’t based on extremists and radicals.


    • Ok, there have been mistakes on both sides of the countries. But, the Israeli soldiers could have the decency to let the children and patients get out of the building in a longer period of time – not 30 seconds. They should not bomb the buildings while there are innocent kids inside of the buildings. Think of both sides. Also, these are not just opinions, these facts are from videos and first person encounters with near death experiences due to Israeli bombings.


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