Evil Companies

What companies support the Genocide in Palestine and how does it effect it? In reality, there are multiple companies that support this terrible act. Some of the major companies that support Israel are: Coca Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Disney, McDonald’s, and Nestle (Admin). These companies may surprise you due to the fact that they are very popular But, since they are popular, this only means more and more money is given to support murder. When money is sent to Israel, it gives them the opportunity to buy new fire arm such as guns and explosives. The U.S. sent $36 billion to Israel. This was money they did not even have, $11 billion of it was loans and the rest of it was grants (Bainerman). It is a sick country we live in when we send money we do not even have to “aid” something  that uses the money for bad. A “state” that uses the money for death. The money is also coming from the citizens of America’s taxes. This is not what most of us want. However, the world does not seem to care. The majority of the US does not even know what the Palestine-Israel Conflict is. Sometimes, even if they know what it is, they will not know the truth. Getting into more depth of each specific store, as we know, Coca Cola is one of the most well-known companies in the entire world. It’s worth is $72 billion dollars (Bhasin). This means they could send as much as 72 billion dollars to Israel if they so desire. Victoria’s Secret’s net worth is about 6.5 billion dollars which is an unreal amount of money to help boost the amount of deaths in a third world country such as Palestine (Forbes). So, why would people want to support these? The answer is that most people don’t. They just do not know what to stay away from. There are quite a few more companies and they happen to be these listed: L’Oreal, Maybelline, MAC, Revlon, and many more (hirra09). Why would these companies do such a  terrible feat? They do it because some of them are somehow connected to the problem, some just listen to the news and do not do their own research. However, just recently, when the word began to get out a little more, companies began to lose a lot of money. This was a good thing for the Palestinians because due to this, there was a seize fire agreement. The amount of lives that are being saved because of people who don’t even know them is beautiful. Just a few people boycotting products will make the entire world a better place. The bombs stopped and now maybe the cruelty by hand and by guns will stop with more boycotting, protest, and spreading the word around. Stop funding Israeli products and save thousands of lives.

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