The Media and Its Lies

The media is one of the most powerful tools to ever be. This has the power to show the real truth on what is happening in our world. We, as not only a planet, but what should be a union, deserve the correct news. However, what we receive is not always the truth, we can get the opposite of what is really going on. The issue in Palestine, which you can tell is my topic, is one of the biggest issues that is being messed around with. The amount of disrespect our country has for us is insane if they do not give correct information.

Alastair Sloan writes about the media and the Palestine/ Israel conflict when he says, “It has become increasingly clear that the U.S. media is biased against Palestinians, using selective coverage, skewed opinion, and false balance to offer implicit support to Israel’s stance” (Sloan). Here, Sloan states that the U.S. media is in fact biased toward Israel and gives us news that makes the Israeli people look good. This is completely wrong. We want the cold, hard truth. Not all people in America are biased toward one side or the other, but are being turned to the Israeli side. They are being turned because that is the only news they will hear. Most citizens will not turn to the internet and do more research from the Palestinian point of view. America is breeding a country of Palestinian loathing people. This can have a bigger impact on this world than most people think. These people talk, leading to the spread of Palestinian hate all over the world.

We sit and ” watch the media play headline games and act as a lapdog to a U.S. ally” (Muhawesh). The media only wants what is best for themselves and their country. Many people in the world love this idea- saying that they are only watching out for them. This could not be more true. They speak as if we cannot fend for ourselves. In actuality, if we did not want the full truth, we would most likely not watch world news. The citizens who would like the truth, deserve to get the truth, and need to get it. Why would someone want to be told lies by a country they give their money and everything else to? This just does not make sense. We all want the truth, whether it hurts us or not, but it will make us stronger.

In an atricle I read, it states that if a news crew does not say something on the news, it could have been life- changing or even life- saving ( False News ). This could not be any more true. If the idea of news was to actually help save lives for the better, they would tell truthful statements that saves more lives than kills. Since the year 2000, 9,121 Palestinians have been killed, while only 1,187 Israeli people have been killed. ( This is sickening, especially taking into account how many people believe that Palestinians are the terrorists that kill everyone.

The media needs to stop trying to make other races seem more important than others.

* The video does have some graphic content that may be hard to watch.*

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