Should America Continue to Fund Israel?

America does fund Israel with a lot of money. A website titled: “If Americans Knew,” writes: “The U.S. provides Israel $8.5 million in military aid each day, while it gives the Palestinians $0 in military aid” ( U.S. Military ). America has given money it does not even have to Israel. The fact that we are currently “18 trillion dollars” in debt and continuing to fund people who do not even need it is despicable ( Manuel ). The money we, as a country, are giving to Israel comes from our taxes. But, is it morally right to send tax dollars from citizens who may not agree with Israel to Israel? We are giving money from our wallets and placing it into the hands of people who are buying guns and killing so many innocent people. The money Israel receives from from America is sometimes used for air strikes, including the air strikes on Gaza this past summer. The air strikes attack hospitals and schools, claiming there had been weapons in them. However, the only things in them were humans- children trying to get an education and the sick, struggling to get better. The Gaza strip was considered as trying to keep the Israeli people safe, but only killed others that did not need to be killed.

452528076 This image is of a little girl during the aftermath of a bombing in Gaza.

      Palestinians have saved money to have a limited supply of weapons such as a few “long-range rockets” used to fire back and usually only hitting cars and causing minimal damage (Marcus ). In the picture above, the car has been hit by a Palestinian rocket. The damage is not nearly as severe as the air strikes, killing so many people and exploding entire buildings. Other than this, all Palestinians, including little boys have been using rocks to throw at Israeli soldiers as they shoot at them with guns.

       Issues with sending money to Israel vary on other levels, too. I am Palestinian and I travelled there with my aunt who has the last name Saba. This is a Palestinian last name. She was taken aside and forced to sit in a room and watch airport security go through her email, social media, and much more. This went on for hours. She pays an extensive amount of taxes, a lot of which go to this place that she is not trusted in because of her nationality. A man from Britain, seen in a documentary on Vice News, was not allowed to go through a street where Palestinians are banned because he had a Palestinian background. The unfairness is extraordinary and they do not try to make the racial profiling subtle at all. They pull aside because of appearance or last name.

In this video, it shows a look into the different living situations between Israel and Palestine. It also shows how oblivious many people who visit or live in Israel are:

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