Should Palestinians Be Able to Leave Palestine Without a Visa?

Palestinians living in Palestine must have a visa in order to leave or get past the wall that is dividing Palestine and Israel. Taking into consideration that Palestine and Israel were once a conjoined civilization, there should be no reason to need such an official pass into the two. This is just illogical. Americans do not need visas ahead of time when travelling into England because they are very likely to be let in. There is no difference in the two situations. Security and terrorism have been major reasons to have these policies, but this is the same as saying any American who dislikes England could go in and terrorize the state, which would not be said because “Americans are not terrorists.” Palestinians should be able to leave their state without having such professional forms and agreements from the government.

First, the people of Palestine should not need a visa to return to a land that is their own and has been taken from them. Many of their homes are in the now Israel section of the country and they may not visit them because they do not have approved visas. A man from Canada visited Palestine many years ago and tried to go back again a few years ago. He not only wanted to visit Palestine, but Israel, too. As he reached the border into Israel from Palestine, “[Sam Ismali ] was shocked to discover that his Canadian passport was stamped ‘Palestinian Authority Only’” (Kalman / Ramallah). The law is basically saying to never leave Palestine if you want to visit there. The unfair treatment of needing visas and having something go wrong all the time is wrong.

Second, Los Angeles Times states that Israel is an apartheid state, but a state nonetheless (not its own country) (Makdisi). Also, Palestine is a state, too. Since America won its independence from Britain, the horrible things have been forgotten mostly. The same occurrence is basically happening with the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict because Israel does not let the Palestinians live and have lives on their own or even travel back into the land they once lived in. Even people who live in America probably have kids and members of their families in Britain, just like the Palestinians. However, the difference on this occasion is that the Palestinians are not allowed back onto land of the Israeli people, while basically any citizen can fill out a Visa minutes before arriving in Britain and be let in. The places are different, but what should be happening has not and should not be changed.

Third, some reasons that the people of Israel are trying to keep Palestinians out is because they believe they are terrorist and suicide bombers. This statement is so absurd and racist. The many people of Palestine cannot all be terrorists and bad people. The law to even need a visa for security reasons should not be valid due the racial stereotyping. A foreign travel advice website explains that “you do not need a visa to enter Israel as a tourist” (The Occupied Palestinian Territories). This just proves even more that the Israelis are being racist and concluding that only Palestinians will terrorize their state.

The Israelis worry about the Palestinians bombing them, when just this summer, they caused unspeakable damage to their hospitals and schools: pict16

Racially stereotyping and making people less due to their nationality or color of their skin is something many people hoped and believed was way past us. Sadly, they were wrong because there are many more Genocides than this one, making Palestians and more become less human and more weapon than other groups. The visa problem is only one more thing to add to the list of human rights Palestinian people do not get. There is no need for a visa between states. It must be stopped.

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