How Does the Conflict Effect the People Living in Palestine?

The Palestinian people have faced a majority of attacks, but the one that stands out the most is the attack on the Gaza Strip this past summer. I have mentioned this before, but have never gone into how the people of Palestine have taken these attacks. Many have lost children, parents, and siblings during the horrible tragedy.

A bomb was dropped upon a school for disabled children and there is a fund trying to “rebuild Gaza’s only school for disabled children” (“Gazan Doctor”). A doctor in Gaza set up the fund. Considering that the disabled children’s only school was bombed, they no longer have a place to receive the education they deserve. This must have had a very life-changing effect on the children because the school was their only chance for education. The bombings have taken a toll on everyone including the children who have done nothing wrong.

There are some people living in Gaza who do not receive the treatment they should be, considering their situation. BBC News writes, “Gazans are, on average, worse off than in the 1990s. Twenty-one percent are in deep poverty, living on less than 1,832 shekels ($534; £313) a month, compared with 7.8% in the West Bank” (“Life in”). The Gazans barely have enough money to live with the bare necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Especially now that many of their schools, hospitals, and houses have been turned to dust, along with some of their family and friends. The Palestinians in Gaza need equipment to live life, yet no country has stepped in to help these poor people enough.

Many people in Gaza have bad feelings towards Israelis because of all the things they do to them. A  man named Sourani says in an article by The Nation: “I think the Israelis wanted to inflict pain and terror in the hearts and minds of the civilian population” (Kouddous). By doing the bombings, the Israelis have made the Palestinians fear them so deeply that they have them wrapped around their fingers.

During the 50 day conflict in Gaza this summer, there was a number of 504 children killed. The ages went from 1 month to 17 years old (Marszal). No mother, father, sibling, or person deserves to suffer from this kind of loss at such a young age. An uneasy feeling is sparked in me when I think of some grown man dropping a bomb on a life so innocent as a baby.


The people of Gaza react quite subtly, considering what has happened. Of course, they want to fight back, but they have nothing but rocks to fight with. However, if this is all they have, they will use it. The people of Palestine just want their land back.

CLICK HERE for a video of the bombing from a first person point of view (“Dramatic Footage”). (Some blood is in this video.)

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