How Does the Conflict Effect the People Living in Palestine?

The Palestinian people have faced a majority of attacks, but the one that stands out the most is the attack on the Gaza Strip this past summer. I have mentioned this before, but have never gone into how the people of Palestine have taken these attacks. Many have lost children, parents, and siblings during the horrible tragedy.

A bomb was dropped upon a school for disabled children and there is a fund trying to “rebuild Gaza’s only school for disabled children” (“Gazan Doctor”). A doctor in Gaza set up the fund. Considering that the disabled children’s only school was bombed, they no longer have a place to receive the education they deserve. This must have had a very life-changing effect on the children because the school was their only chance for education. The bombings have taken a toll on everyone including the children who have done nothing wrong.

There are some people living in Gaza who do not receive the treatment they should be, considering their situation. BBC News writes, “Gazans are, on average, worse off than in the 1990s. Twenty-one percent are in deep poverty, living on less than 1,832 shekels ($534; £313) a month, compared with 7.8% in the West Bank” (“Life in”). The Gazans barely have enough money to live with the bare necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Especially now that many of their schools, hospitals, and houses have been turned to dust, along with some of their family and friends. The Palestinians in Gaza need equipment to live life, yet no country has stepped in to help these poor people enough.

Many people in Gaza have bad feelings towards Israelis because of all the things they do to them. A  man named Sourani says in an article by The Nation: “I think the Israelis wanted to inflict pain and terror in the hearts and minds of the civilian population” (Kouddous). By doing the bombings, the Israelis have made the Palestinians fear them so deeply that they have them wrapped around their fingers.

During the 50 day conflict in Gaza this summer, there was a number of 504 children killed. The ages went from 1 month to 17 years old (Marszal). No mother, father, sibling, or person deserves to suffer from this kind of loss at such a young age. An uneasy feeling is sparked in me when I think of some grown man dropping a bomb on a life so innocent as a baby.


The people of Gaza react quite subtly, considering what has happened. Of course, they want to fight back, but they have nothing but rocks to fight with. However, if this is all they have, they will use it. The people of Palestine just want their land back.

CLICK HERE for a video of the bombing from a first person point of view (“Dramatic Footage”). (Some blood is in this video.)

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Should Palestinians Be Able to Leave Palestine Without a Visa?

Palestinians living in Palestine must have a visa in order to leave or get past the wall that is dividing Palestine and Israel. Taking into consideration that Palestine and Israel were once a conjoined civilization, there should be no reason to need such an official pass into the two. This is just illogical. Americans do not need visas ahead of time when travelling into England because they are very likely to be let in. There is no difference in the two situations. Security and terrorism have been major reasons to have these policies, but this is the same as saying any American who dislikes England could go in and terrorize the state, which would not be said because “Americans are not terrorists.” Palestinians should be able to leave their state without having such professional forms and agreements from the government.

First, the people of Palestine should not need a visa to return to a land that is their own and has been taken from them. Many of their homes are in the now Israel section of the country and they may not visit them because they do not have approved visas. A man from Canada visited Palestine many years ago and tried to go back again a few years ago. He not only wanted to visit Palestine, but Israel, too. As he reached the border into Israel from Palestine, “[Sam Ismali ] was shocked to discover that his Canadian passport was stamped ‘Palestinian Authority Only’” (Kalman / Ramallah). The law is basically saying to never leave Palestine if you want to visit there. The unfair treatment of needing visas and having something go wrong all the time is wrong.

Second, Los Angeles Times states that Israel is an apartheid state, but a state nonetheless (not its own country) (Makdisi). Also, Palestine is a state, too. Since America won its independence from Britain, the horrible things have been forgotten mostly. The same occurrence is basically happening with the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict because Israel does not let the Palestinians live and have lives on their own or even travel back into the land they once lived in. Even people who live in America probably have kids and members of their families in Britain, just like the Palestinians. However, the difference on this occasion is that the Palestinians are not allowed back onto land of the Israeli people, while basically any citizen can fill out a Visa minutes before arriving in Britain and be let in. The places are different, but what should be happening has not and should not be changed.

Third, some reasons that the people of Israel are trying to keep Palestinians out is because they believe they are terrorist and suicide bombers. This statement is so absurd and racist. The many people of Palestine cannot all be terrorists and bad people. The law to even need a visa for security reasons should not be valid due the racial stereotyping. A foreign travel advice website explains that “you do not need a visa to enter Israel as a tourist” (The Occupied Palestinian Territories). This just proves even more that the Israelis are being racist and concluding that only Palestinians will terrorize their state.

The Israelis worry about the Palestinians bombing them, when just this summer, they caused unspeakable damage to their hospitals and schools: pict16

Racially stereotyping and making people less due to their nationality or color of their skin is something many people hoped and believed was way past us. Sadly, they were wrong because there are many more Genocides than this one, making Palestians and more become less human and more weapon than other groups. The visa problem is only one more thing to add to the list of human rights Palestinian people do not get. There is no need for a visa between states. It must be stopped.

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Should America Continue to Fund Israel?

America does fund Israel with a lot of money. A website titled: “If Americans Knew,” writes: “The U.S. provides Israel $8.5 million in military aid each day, while it gives the Palestinians $0 in military aid” ( U.S. Military ). America has given money it does not even have to Israel. The fact that we are currently “18 trillion dollars” in debt and continuing to fund people who do not even need it is despicable ( Manuel ). The money we, as a country, are giving to Israel comes from our taxes. But, is it morally right to send tax dollars from citizens who may not agree with Israel to Israel? We are giving money from our wallets and placing it into the hands of people who are buying guns and killing so many innocent people. The money Israel receives from from America is sometimes used for air strikes, including the air strikes on Gaza this past summer. The air strikes attack hospitals and schools, claiming there had been weapons in them. However, the only things in them were humans- children trying to get an education and the sick, struggling to get better. The Gaza strip was considered as trying to keep the Israeli people safe, but only killed others that did not need to be killed.

452528076 This image is of a little girl during the aftermath of a bombing in Gaza.

      Palestinians have saved money to have a limited supply of weapons such as a few “long-range rockets” used to fire back and usually only hitting cars and causing minimal damage (Marcus ). In the picture above, the car has been hit by a Palestinian rocket. The damage is not nearly as severe as the air strikes, killing so many people and exploding entire buildings. Other than this, all Palestinians, including little boys have been using rocks to throw at Israeli soldiers as they shoot at them with guns.

       Issues with sending money to Israel vary on other levels, too. I am Palestinian and I travelled there with my aunt who has the last name Saba. This is a Palestinian last name. She was taken aside and forced to sit in a room and watch airport security go through her email, social media, and much more. This went on for hours. She pays an extensive amount of taxes, a lot of which go to this place that she is not trusted in because of her nationality. A man from Britain, seen in a documentary on Vice News, was not allowed to go through a street where Palestinians are banned because he had a Palestinian background. The unfairness is extraordinary and they do not try to make the racial profiling subtle at all. They pull aside because of appearance or last name.

In this video, it shows a look into the different living situations between Israel and Palestine. It also shows how oblivious many people who visit or live in Israel are:

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The Media and Its Lies

The media is one of the most powerful tools to ever be. This has the power to show the real truth on what is happening in our world. We, as not only a planet, but what should be a union, deserve the correct news. However, what we receive is not always the truth, we can get the opposite of what is really going on. The issue in Palestine, which you can tell is my topic, is one of the biggest issues that is being messed around with. The amount of disrespect our country has for us is insane if they do not give correct information.

Alastair Sloan writes about the media and the Palestine/ Israel conflict when he says, “It has become increasingly clear that the U.S. media is biased against Palestinians, using selective coverage, skewed opinion, and false balance to offer implicit support to Israel’s stance” (Sloan). Here, Sloan states that the U.S. media is in fact biased toward Israel and gives us news that makes the Israeli people look good. This is completely wrong. We want the cold, hard truth. Not all people in America are biased toward one side or the other, but are being turned to the Israeli side. They are being turned because that is the only news they will hear. Most citizens will not turn to the internet and do more research from the Palestinian point of view. America is breeding a country of Palestinian loathing people. This can have a bigger impact on this world than most people think. These people talk, leading to the spread of Palestinian hate all over the world.

We sit and ” watch the media play headline games and act as a lapdog to a U.S. ally” (Muhawesh). The media only wants what is best for themselves and their country. Many people in the world love this idea- saying that they are only watching out for them. This could not be more true. They speak as if we cannot fend for ourselves. In actuality, if we did not want the full truth, we would most likely not watch world news. The citizens who would like the truth, deserve to get the truth, and need to get it. Why would someone want to be told lies by a country they give their money and everything else to? This just does not make sense. We all want the truth, whether it hurts us or not, but it will make us stronger.

In an atricle I read, it states that if a news crew does not say something on the news, it could have been life- changing or even life- saving ( False News ). This could not be any more true. If the idea of news was to actually help save lives for the better, they would tell truthful statements that saves more lives than kills. Since the year 2000, 9,121 Palestinians have been killed, while only 1,187 Israeli people have been killed. ( This is sickening, especially taking into account how many people believe that Palestinians are the terrorists that kill everyone.

The media needs to stop trying to make other races seem more important than others.

* The video does have some graphic content that may be hard to watch.*

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Evil Companies

What companies support the Genocide in Palestine and how does it effect it? In reality, there are multiple companies that support this terrible act. Some of the major companies that support Israel are: Coca Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Disney, McDonald’s, and Nestle (Admin). These companies may surprise you due to the fact that they are very popular But, since they are popular, this only means more and more money is given to support murder. When money is sent to Israel, it gives them the opportunity to buy new fire arm such as guns and explosives. The U.S. sent $36 billion to Israel. This was money they did not even have, $11 billion of it was loans and the rest of it was grants (Bainerman). It is a sick country we live in when we send money we do not even have to “aid” something  that uses the money for bad. A “state” that uses the money for death. The money is also coming from the citizens of America’s taxes. This is not what most of us want. However, the world does not seem to care. The majority of the US does not even know what the Palestine-Israel Conflict is. Sometimes, even if they know what it is, they will not know the truth. Getting into more depth of each specific store, as we know, Coca Cola is one of the most well-known companies in the entire world. It’s worth is $72 billion dollars (Bhasin). This means they could send as much as 72 billion dollars to Israel if they so desire. Victoria’s Secret’s net worth is about 6.5 billion dollars which is an unreal amount of money to help boost the amount of deaths in a third world country such as Palestine (Forbes). So, why would people want to support these? The answer is that most people don’t. They just do not know what to stay away from. There are quite a few more companies and they happen to be these listed: L’Oreal, Maybelline, MAC, Revlon, and many more (hirra09). Why would these companies do such a  terrible feat? They do it because some of them are somehow connected to the problem, some just listen to the news and do not do their own research. However, just recently, when the word began to get out a little more, companies began to lose a lot of money. This was a good thing for the Palestinians because due to this, there was a seize fire agreement. The amount of lives that are being saved because of people who don’t even know them is beautiful. Just a few people boycotting products will make the entire world a better place. The bombs stopped and now maybe the cruelty by hand and by guns will stop with more boycotting, protest, and spreading the word around. Stop funding Israeli products and save thousands of lives.

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Welcome to my blog! I will be writing facts and my opinion about the issue that is currently happening in the Middle East: The Palestine-Israel Conflict. My main goal is to prove that most of what you hear on the news is NOT true on this specific topic and many more. There will be some points that may make you feel sick to your stomach due to evil actions by Israeli soldiers. Innocent citizens of Palestine -especially Gaza- have had their houses bombed and families killed. None of these people have done anything wrong besides fight back, but they are punished and thought of as terrorists by the real terrorists. The Palestinians once brought the Israeli people into their land to care for them, then the Israelis attacked. One fact you may not know is that the U.S.A and a bunch of companies here have been sending money to Israel to help terrorize. There is currently a seize fire, but that does not stop them from taking the Palestinians’ land and beating  their children. I have family in this land. I visited them about three years ago and I got to see how the Israeli people live a lavish lifestyle with big building and fancy clothes. The Palestinians live in tiny “apartments” with about ten people in each home. They are held in Palestine by huge walls and are not allowed out. So, if you would like to find out more things from my point of view, keep a look out for new posts.